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"That is not a ghost story. That is the RiverCliffe legacy." She looked at me, her eyes gentle. "Do you find that hard to believe?"

Three years after her divorce, Risa Armitage is still trying to get back on her feet. Living in the basement of her mother’s brownstone with three kids, one bathroom and no cross ventilation is not her—or her three kids’—ideal.  

When the family of the father that she never knew leaves her a surprise inheritance, RiverCliffe, Risa knows her prayers have been answered. She plans a quick trip up to the Hudson Valley to check out the inn and the surrounding farm before figuring out what to do with her newfound wealth.

But the long weekend results in a summer retreat, and Risa begins to realize there’s more to RiverCliffe than just a source of income. Her kids are each finding a place to fit in, and she’s finding the local sheriff has a lot more going for him than just keeping the peace. Then there’s the crazy story about all the Cliffe women from the past, and the graveyard right next door…

As Risa learns about the history of RiverCliffe, and the father who abandoned her, the more she realizes her future is not just determined by who she is now. With humor, romance, warmth, a little help from the beyond, she learns that to move forward means to accept her place among a line of women all blessed—or cursed—with the RiverCliffe Legacy.

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