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Meet Enza Biondi—the ballsy, quick-thinking owner of Luxe Affairs. Armed with a pink notebook and killer curves, she’s a party planner with no time for fools and a nose for murder.


Finding a dead body was not the way Enza wanted the McGowan Tea party to end. She’d been hoping for a quick and easy clean-up so she could spend more time with the tall, dark and sexy guitar player who arrived with the entertainment. Instead, Enza and her partners find themselves in the middle of a crime scene, complete with a grieving client, shaken guests, and a seemingly unflappable guest of honor.


As Enza looks closer at the murder, she starts peeling away the layers of a seemingly perfect marriage and finds that nothing —and no one—is what they first seemed to be, including that sexy guitar player, Connor Ives. Further complicating the situation is a sly Irish ex-mobster, a cold-hearted sister-in-law, and the skeptical detectives in charge of the investigation.


The police may be doing their job, but Enza has more faith in her own instincts, and as she gets closer to the truth, the more her instincts are telling her that the killer may be hiding in plain sight.

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