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"Don’t think of it as building a house. Think of it as building…home. Then you’ll look at things differently.”

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An Eastern Shore Romance

Chris Polittano wants start her life over with a new mission—to start taking more chances. Her friend and ex-roommate, Terri Coburn, convinces her that Cape Edwards has the perfect place to start: the beach, the bars, and what about all those hot men? She even swears she has found Chris the ideal home. Sure, it needs work, but Terri has already lined up the perfect team to help with the renovations, the McCann brothers. two of Cape Edwards’ most eligible bachelors.

When Chris arrives she finds that at least half of Terri’s promises are true: the McCann brothers are, in fact, very eligible. But her new house doesn’t just need simple renovations…there isn’t even a floor.  The McCann brothers have a plan, and there’s something in Mike McCann’s blue eyes that make Chris a believer.

Chris steps up to the task, undeterred by heat, the tourists, even the appearance of her old boyfriend, Daniel, who’s working on a project right across the street. Add in a land grab deal spearheaded by Mike McCann’s ex-wife and a very special squirrel named Bella, Chris finds her vow to take more chances really put to the test. 

Luckily, the magic of the Eastern Shore is not just about the sunlight on the water and the call of the gulls. With new friends, new self-confidence, and maybe a new love, Chris is finding all the materials she needs for building home. 

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