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  She took a slow look around. The room told a sad story. The windows had the same battered vinyl blinds, there was a pile of unopened boxes in the corner, and my laptop was open on the floor.

  Her eyebrows flew together. “What is wrong with you?” ...

  So, because she asked — and no one else had ever asked — I told her. “I lost the restaurant I owned for fifteen years, and my boyfriend dumped me because he met someone young enough to be his daughter. My brothers got all mad at me because I didn’t drop everything in my life to take care of my dad, and then when I did go home, he died anyway, and I just read that the boyfriend married the young someone and my life is just awful.” I ended on a sob as months’ worth of anger and hurt and tears spilled out, all over my unwashed face and down the front of my gray sweatshirt.

  “Damn.” she muttered. She stared hard for a moment. “Damn, girl, you want a drink or something?”

Sara Starting Over

Sarafina Castellano has lost it all — her popular restaurant, her famous boyfriend, and her beloved father. At odds with her disapproving brothers, she has found a new place to call home, a quiet southern town called Hills of Andrew.


Starting over means a new job and new people, especially a new man who may want more than she is willing to give. As she tentatively moves forward, there comes a call from home; a favorite niece whose needs threaten to disrupt her fragile peace.


As she slowly finds her way back to family, friendship and love, can she also re-ignite passion for cooking, which was not only her livelihood for most of her life, but fed her soul and spirit?


A heartwarming journey that reaches into the past and pulls into the future, Sara Starting Over explores the joys — and perils — of daring to build anew.

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