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Sarafina Castellano has lost it all — her popular restaurant, her famous boyfriend, and her beloved father. At odds with her disapproving brothers, she has found a new place to call home, a quiet southern town called Hills of Andrew.


Starting over means a new job and new people, especially a new man who may want more than she is willing to give. As she tentatively moves forward, there comes a call from home; a favorite niece whose needs threaten to disrupt her fragile peace.


As she slowly finds her way back to family, friendship and love, can she also re-ignite passion for cooking, which was not only her livelihood for most of her life, but fed her soul and spirit?


A heartwarming journey that reaches back to the past and pulls into the future, Sara Starting Over explores the joys — and perils — of daring to build anew.

Sara Starting Over

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Trade Paperback, 264 pages

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