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The Mt. Abrams Mysteries

The Mt. Abrams Mysteries are a series of novellas set in the small community of Mt. Abrams, in northern New Jersey.  Filled with quaint Victorian houses and an over-abundance of characters, it’s home to Ellie Rocca, fifty, a free-lance editor specializing in mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels.  Divorced, she lives in a large, rambling old house with her daughters, Caitlyn (twenty-four) and Tessa (eleven) and a cocker spaniel named Boot.  

Sometimes, she solves mysteries.

If you read Stealing Jason Wilde, and were wondering, yes, the house on Dune Road was real.

Let me explain...

When I was in college, a group of us from the floor of my dorm ran all over Huntington WV in the middle of the night and stole enough pink flamings for an entire flock.  I would like to apologize. Rather late, I know, but...  Thus began my rather unhealthy relationship with pink flamingos.  If you want to find out about how I began my relationship with words...

Find your next great love story on the Eastern Shore...

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